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Master Plan Works Update
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Master Plan Works Update

After some very frustrating months of little progress, we are now moving ahead quickly with the erection of the structure of the extension, followed by the cladding, finishes and mechanical, electrical and plumbing services.

Unfortunately the project has been very significantly hampered by a number of approvals issues. At the beginning of the project, these related to access during the construction period, and the more recent delays were related to approval of the piling.

Many alternative approaches were examined to convince Buildings Department that we had adequate fire escapes in the temporary situation. The final solution involved the construction of a temporary stair from the Terrace, the closure of the Willow Room, and the forming of the escape corridor across the front of the building from the Chater Tavern.

The club is constructed in an old rubbish tip site which has effectively filled in what would appear to be a number of fairly steep rocky valleys, probably quite similar to those you encounter when walking along the bush tracks above the club. Both the existing buildings and the new building are supported on piles founded on rock. Establishing the level of the rock is done by drilling investigation holes, and then interpolating the rock levels in the different holes to produce a contour map. It is quite possible that drilling the holes in two different sets of locations can produce quite different contours of rock level. This is because there may be cliffs, outcrops and other features (like you find in rocky valleys) that are not identified by a small number of holes.

It is the timely interpretation of different data sets that has led to problems convincing Buildings Department that the piles are founded at the correct levels, and indeed we were required to install 3 additional piles to satisfy their requirements. This work was completed over the Christmas - New Year period.

The erection of the superstructure is now underway for everyone to see including the steel frame of the main part of the building adjacent to the ground, and the concrete stairs and lift shaft rising above the pool deck. Many of the buildings' elements have been ready to bring to site for some time, and we are expecting rapid progress, with a watertight building expected by end of August.

We have all the approvals to complete the building, but will need to gain Fire Service Department approval and Occupancy permit. These are challenges that we will have in September.

We have awarded contracts for the fit-out of the two new spaces, the Boundary Bar on level 1 and the Long Room on level 2. These two contracts will largely be carried out on site after we achieve Occupancy. This means that the new facilities should be ready to open before the end of the year, provided we do not have significant issues with the approvals required.

After a long period of disruption, we should be able to enjoy the new facilities very soon. Thanks to all members and their families for their patience.

John Webb
Redevelopment Committee