The Manager's Notes

General Manager's Notes

As Typhoon Merbok signals that summer has eventually arrived, our attention is focused on summer holidays and the accelerated MasterPlan works.

As you are aware, the Club held its AGM last month at which we bade farewell to Gavin Erasmus as Club Chairman, after 6 years in the post. On behalf of the Members and Staff, I will take this opportunity to thank Gavin for his invaluable contribution and selfless dedication to the HKCC during his time as Chairman. We all wish you a well-deserved break and hope your new Golf Clubs serve you well in your newly discovered ‘down’ time. We welcome James Callow as our Chairman and wish him and his General Committee well during their tenure.

I have now completed 10 months in the role as Interim General Manager during which it has been a privilege to work with Members, General Committee, volunteers and our Staff who make our Club such a special place. As you have been informed, I have recently been offered the position as permanent General Manager which I have gratefully accepted. Thank you for all your support and I look forward to working on your behalf as we move forward.

MasterPlan – Sportsman’s Bar

With all the consents now in-hand, construction is picking up pace on the MasterPlan works.

With the Steelworks now complete, the flooring will be laid and the installation of the curtain wall and roofing systems will commence. We are predicting a water-tight building towards the end of August. Works are also commencing on the lift-shaft and lift installation.

Once this is completed, we are planning to minimize the hoarding back towards the Clubhouse and remove the temporary concrete road from around the ground. This will allow our full size ground to be once again realised.

Prior to this, it is necessary to rectify some tiling works in the Sportsman’s Bar. This will necessitate closing off a small area of the uncovered dining area near the hoarding for no more than a week.

Works on the Chater Tavern Terrace will begin in order to ‘tie’ the two structures together and to put in necessary drainage systems. This will be noisy work carried out during weekdays. As this work progresses, we are planning to remove part of the temporary ‘fire-wall’ as soon as possible to allow natural light into the Tavern.

As the project moves forward, I will be updating on progress on a more regular basis via the Club Notice Board. As always, your patience and support is very much appreciated.


Please note: DotCod’s Dinner and Show promotion “The Simon & Garfunkel Story Concert” on Saturday 29th July including 5:45 p.m. Dinner at DotCod, Shuttle Bus to HKAPA followed by Shuttle Bus return to DotCod.

Please enjoy the return of the popular Crab Shack Night on 15th July.

Notable summer events

Following on from the Club’s first ever Movie night, another 3 movies have been scheduled and will be screened on Saturdays of 22nd July, 5th and 26th August at the earlier time of 8:00 pm.

Croquet is back to the Club from Saturday 15th July! An experienced croquet player will share with you an introduction to the game. Register your interest with Sports Desk via

Throughout July and August, our Summer Sports Fun Camps and Tennis Camps return. If you are looking for some outdoor exercise with your children, how about joining our Twilight Family Hike on 18th August between 5pm – 7pm?

As in previous years, the Club supports “Sport For All Day” by LCSD by offering “Introduction to the Game of Cricket” on Sunday 6th August between 11.00am and 2.00 pm in the Cricket Centre for Excellence. The introduction will explain how the sport of Cricket is played, the rules and equipment, to be followed by an actual game. All Members and guests are welcome.

Our ever popular Annual Swimming Gala for Members is scheduled on Saturday 9th September. Participating contestants, family members and friends are welcome to join the Express Buffet afterwards.

In support of promoting ‘Environmental Consciousness’ amongst our Members, both young and old, we are planning to show the award winning documentary, ‘A Plastic Ocean’ on Tuesday 8th August.

For more details and bookings, please contact 3511 8678 or email to

A few timely reminders

Typhoon 8 Warning

Please note below our Club Policy with regard to the closing and reopening of Club facilities during a Typhoon warning and Black Rainstorm warning.

When the Typhoon Signal No. 8 (or above) is hoisted during the Club’s opening hours, the entire Club will close within 30 minutes. All Members, Guests and staff shall leave the Club immediately, except those staff members of the emergency team who will be released after the Club is completely closed.

If such Signal is lowered before 4:00 p.m., such facilities of the Club as Management shall decide, will be reopened that day within two hours of such Signal being lowered.

If such Signal is lowered on or after 4:00 p.m., the Club will remain closed that day till the following business day.

Black Rainstorm Warning

If the Black Rainstorm Warning is in force before the Club’s official opening hours, Club operations will temporarily cease and employees should stay at home until the warning is lowered.

If the Black Rainstorm Warning comes into force during the Club’s official opening hours, Club operations remain normal but outdoor work or outdoor activity in exposed areas shall be suspended. Members are cautioned to stay at home until the Warning is lowered.


Please be aware that a number of snakes have been spotted around the areas adjacent to the Club. Please remind your children (and adults), DO NOT attempt to catch or touch a snake, they can be venomous. If you see a snake, walk away and report to a member of staff immediately.

Electronic E-Cigarettes

There has been an increased usage of e-cigarettes around the Club. Please be advised that our Club’s rules on smoking also apply to the use of electronic e-cigarettes. Please refer to the By-Laws for details.

Supervision of Children

Following an accident in the Children’s playground, Members are reminded that children under their care must be supervised at all times.

It only leaves me to wish those who are departing Hong Kong for their summer holidays, a safe and wonderful time wherever you travel and I look forward to seeing you all back for the start of the school and sporting season in August.


Kieran Hale
General Manager