Club History & Mission Statement

HKCC Rugby ("the Club") was formed after amalgamating with Aberdeen Rugby Football Club in 2004. Aberdeen Rugby was founded in 1994 to provide more opportunities to play in an expanded first division. The Club has won Division 1 championships in 2001/2 2005/06 and 2006/07, been Club HK7s champions in 2003 and 2007 and won championships at each level in which the Club competes.

It is the Club's objective to enable all its rugby players to perform at the highest standards they can attain. To this end the Club will seek to provide support by creating high quality facilities and qualified coaching instruction for all playing Members. The Club will strive for excellence in all that it does.

It will seek to enable each individual and each team to play to their full potential, and will take pride in their achievements. The Club recognises that rugby can be played and enjoyed at many different levels of skill. The Club will aim to enable all those who wish to play rugby to do so.

Success on the field will be measured not just by results and honours, but by the enjoyment of the players. The Club has a strong tradition of touring, which should be actively encouraged.

At a time when Rugby Union has become a professional sport, the Club will be alert to the need to retain and recruit players needed to ensure that the Club plays to the highest possible level within the League structure.

The Club believes that the best way to retain players is to develop a Club with good facilities, an excellent coaching structure and an enjoyable social programme for players and their families.

The Club has adopted the following Mission Statement:

HKCC Rugby will develop the sport of Rugby Union football in West Island Hong Kong by creating playing opportunities for all members of the community. It will strive for excellence in its rugby by providing facilities and coaching to the highest possible standard to allow players to reach their full potential. In doing this it would always be our aim to maintain a fun club spirit, which treats every person equally and which ensures that HKCC Rugby does not run at a loss.