2018 Apr to Jun Golf Clinic


  1. The Member’s Club account will be debited automatically. No refunds will be given once the registration is completed.
  2. For any cancellation, 14 days’ notice in writing is required to be submitted to the Sport & Recreation Department.
  3. ALL programmes enrolment will be on first-come-first-served basis. All the Clinics are for HKCC Members only.
  4. In accordance with the HKCC Club By-laws, please be aware the area outside the Club Main Entrance is a strictly "NO PARKING/NO WAITING" Zone. The Club reserves the right to with-hold acceptance of, or withdraw, any child from a programme, if a parent or nominated guardian is found to be breaching this By-Law.

For any enquiries, please contact: Adrian Waters, Tel: 3511 8698 or email: golf@hkcc.org.

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