Adrian Waters
HKCC Golf Professional
Office: 3511-8699
Mobile: 9722-2671

The Golf Centre comprises two golf simulators with a small putting area in between.

The Golf centre comprises of two state of the art golf simulators with access to 24 golf courses and many practice options to improve your game. The system can measure ball speed, club speed, launch angle, club face angle and club path all useful to help golfers improve their game..


Golf Simulator - Opening Hour

Daily 9:00 A.M. - 10:00 P.M.


Golf Lesson

Private Golf Lessons

Individual 1 time 1 hour $550
Individual 5 times 1 hour $2,500
Individual 10 times 1 hour $4,400
Couple 1 time 1 hour $700
Couple 5 times 1 hour $3,000
Junior 1 time 1 hour $300
Junior 5 times 1 hour $1,360
Junior 10 times 1 hour $2,520


Golf Clinic (Ladies' & Junior)

Golf Clinics for ladies' and juniors available throughout the year, please refer to the Golf Notice Boards for the latest clinics; or contact Adrian or the Sports Desk for more information.

Induction Course

Member should complete the Induction Course for the Golf Simulator before using the facility. Induction Course could be booked the Sports & Recreation Department (3511 8698 / / through the Sports Desk).


News / Events
Nansha (China)

Undeterred by the renovations and the drilling in the Clubhouse (not HKCC) 14 of us took on the two Nansha courses in late May.

We started with the much tougher Mountain course. Safe to say, some of us lost a lot of balls on this very narrow layout. Top players were Eamonn on 33 and Mabel on 35. Long drive Phil Elliot, near pin Lorenz. No winners for the ladies as someone forgot to put the flags out!!!

The evening was spent firstly topping up golf ball supplies at the local shop. This was followed by a visit to the Thai Restaurant at the Nansha Yacht Club (strangely named as there were no boats or water in sight). Our return to the Club carried on with more drinks and rather a lot of cheese, thanks to Phil Elliot.

Sunday saw us take on the Valley course. Although, potentially, this is a walking course, all declined in favour of the buggy. This is a slightly easier track and so the scoring proved. Jeremy Platts with a massive 43 points took out the day and overall competition. Suzanne with 34 won the ladies with Mabel winning overall.

To top off a great day, Jeremy won both long drive and near pin. Ladies’ long drive Suzanne with Mabel near pin (this time the flags were put out).

Another good trip and sure to return in the near future.

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Provisional Calendar for 2017
Saturday 22 July KAU SAI CHAU SOUTH
Saturday 19 August KAU SAI CHAU SOUTH
Thursday 19 October KAU SAI CHAU EAST
Friday 24 November KSC NORTH/SOUTH (Club Champs)
Monday 4th September KOWLOON CRICKET CLUB
Sat/Sun/Mon 30 September/2 October DANANG VIETNAM


For more News on Club Golf, click on "The Pinkun"