Saturday Gappers 2017-18

Registration Deadline:

Friday 11th August 2017

Terms and Conditions:

  1. There will be a limit for players in all age groups, please register before Friday 11th August 2017. You will be advised through e-mail if your application has been successful or not by Friday 1st September 2017. Full details of the course will be provided for successful applicants.
  2. HKCC MEMBERS please complete this online registration form; course fee will be debited through your Membership Account.
  3. The children of Members will have registeration priority over Non-Members.
  4. NON-MEMBERS please complete this online registration form, then send a cheque payment payable to "The Hong Kong Cricket Club" on or before the registration deadline on Friday 11th August 2017. Payment must be received in order to be accepted into the programme; otherwise application will be cancelled automatically without prior notice. Please send your cheque to:

HKCC Saturday Gappers Cricket Season 2017-18
Sports & Recreation Department,
The Hong Kong Cricket Club,
137 Wong Nai Chung Gap Road,
Hong Kong.

Please mark clearly on the back of the cheque with the participant's name, Date of Birth, and a contact number for our reference.

  1. ALL players MUST start in their designated age group. Squads will be formed during the course of the initial sessions.
  2. No player may move to another age group without approval of the nominated age group Convenor.
  3. Programme details and class dates are subject to change.
  4. In accordance with the HKCC Club By-Laws, please be aware the area outside the Club Main Entrance is a strictly "NO PARKING/NO WAITING" zone. The Club reserves the right to with-hold acceptance of, or withdraw, any child from a programme, if a parent or nominated guardian is found to be breaching this By-Law.

** Please click here for ramblers Top Size Reference

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Participant(s) Information

*A Trial will conduct for U13 group. Teams and Time session will allocated after trial. Further information will be provided.

All Gappers will receive a Gappers Top for the season, please provide the following information so that we could prepare the Top for you for the beginning of the season:

(Please refer to the size chart (linked provided at the top of this online form) – Measurements are in “INCHES”)

# This Information is to help identify players eligible for National Teams

Parent's Information

(Please provide the most frequently used E-Mail address as this is our main form of communication)

Contact In case of Emergency

Parent Assistance

Parent assistance is vital to the Gappers Programme. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY.

Statement to be signed by Parent of Player

I requested that the player(s) above be accepted for the HKCC Gappers Cricket 2017-18 Season and I agree to abide by the rules and regulations as set by the Club. I will not hold HKCC or Club staff responsible for any loss, injury or damage to the player(s), myself or my family members or property as a result of participation in these activities.